youtube kids videos are not getting loaded? [Fixed]

youtube kids videos are not getting loaded? [Fixed]

youtube kids videos – Parents who are concerned about their children accessing inappropriate content on YouTube can opt for YouTube Kids, which automatically filters search results to provide safe content. However, due to occasional technical glitches, the platform may fail to load videos that interest your child.

Children tend to be restless, hence if YouTube Kids malfunctions, they may promptly approach you for assistance. Without further ado, let’s delve into some solutions for when YouTube Kids fails to function.

Resolve “YouTube Kids Not Loading Videos”

Let’s discuss some steps to resolve the “YouTube kids not loading videos ” issue.

Sign Out and Sign Back In

To address the problem, logging out of the problematic YouTube Kids account is a fast solution. By doing so, a new server connection will be established for the device linked to your account. 

You can achieve this by clicking on the lock icon, signing out, restarting your device, and signing back in. If prompted, set up the account again, and verify the outcome.

Check Your Connection

To begin troubleshooting, disconnect your router’s power cable and wait for a couple of minutes. Afterward, plug in the power cord, turn on the router, and examine the outcome. In case the bandwidth is insufficient, consider using a cable connection and disconnecting all other devices connected to the network.

To troubleshoot YouTube Kids video playback issues on mobile devices, you can try one of two options. The first is to activate Airplane mode for a brief period and then turn on cellular data again. Alternatively, you could switch to a Wi-Fi network and see if the videos will play.

Clear the Cache

The preferred option is to access YT Kids through Chrome. However, if YouTube Kids fails to function properly in your browser, you can try resolving the issue by navigating to “More options”, selecting “History”, and clearing your browsing data. This includes clearing your cache and cookies for the past four weeks. If the issue persists, you can attempt to clear the YT Kids cache from the beginning of time.

To clear the cache, navigate to the Settings menu and scroll down until you find the option for Cookies and other site data. Select “All cookies and site data” and use the search field to look for “kids”. Then, click on the “Remove all shown” button to delete the relevant cache. Afterward, refresh your browser and examine the outcomes.

To clear the cache on the YouTube Kids mobile app, first go to Settings, then choose Apps and select All apps. From there, select YouTube Kids, navigate to Storage, and click on the Clear cache option. Once completed, restart your device and open the YT Kids app again.

Disable Browser Extensions

In case the problem continues to occur on your web browser, you may want to consider disabling all of your extensions and attempting again. Ad-blockers and privacy extensions are known to sometimes affect YouTube’s scripts, so this step can help. 

Furthermore, make sure to verify if there are any available updates and download the most recent version of your browser on your computer. If the issue remains unresolved, you can try switching to a different browser to see if YouTube Kids functions correctly on it.

Update the App

In case the videos are not loading on your YouTube Kids mobile application, you can follow these steps to resolve the issue. Firstly, open the Google Play app on your device and search for “YouTube Kids” in the search bar. Look for any available updates by clicking on the Update button next to the app. After the latest updates are installed, open the app again and check if the issue has been resolved.

Edit the Parental Safety Settings

A large number of users have reported that after modifying the parental settings, YouTube Kids has ceased to function properly. The issue seems to be that once a user logs into the parent settings, YouTube will display the content as authorized, but it will not appear on the child’s account.

Return to the original settings and verify if the problem has been resolved. As an illustration, suppose you have switched to the “Approved channels” approach. In that case, you may switch to the “Go down the rabbit hole” method and allow your child to use the search feature, wait a few minutes, and then return to your preferred settings.

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If you’re experiencing difficulty playing any videos on YouTube Kids, try troubleshooting by first checking your internet connection and logging out of your account. Afterwards, review the parental safety settings and clear the cache. If you’re accessing the platform through a mobile app, ensure that it’s updated to the latest version. We’d appreciate it if you could share your experience with these solutions by leaving your feedback in the comments section below.

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