UltraViewer : Remote Desktop software for Windows

UltraViewer : Remote Desktop software for Windows

Ultraviewer: What is it?

While pandemic is almost under control, we can again join offer or keep working from anywhere we wish to. Irrespective of which location I work from, my work, on the other hand, is unaffected because I have excellent tools to assist me in dealing with any task from my supervisors, Clients, or anyone else. Do you want to know? Allow me to share with you!

I have to save some papers on the company server because I work in the financial services area, which requires security. When I work outside of the company, this is obviously a problem, but after learning about UltraViewer, everything has been a lot easier.

This is software that allows you to control another computer from a distance while still being able to use it as if you were sitting in front of the screen and swiftly transfer files thanks to its high setup and fast data readability.

For other operating systems like Windows 11 UltraViewer also offers good variants to help users in different situations.  It’s fine that I use Windows 10 on my laptop and that my company’s desktop is based on a Windows product.


UltraViewer is specialist software that allows you to operate remote computers to assist you or your coworker at work. Some fundamental applications that you can support for clients, partners, and colleagues when using Ultraviewer include:

  • A guide to installing and utilising some computer softwares such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, accounting, sales management, data input, anti-virus software, and so on.
  • Help with remote computer issues such as slow speed, a virus-infected computer, ad blocking, file not printing or printing error, and email or Outlook error.
  • Or use another computer to access your computer and work remotely without having to go to the office.

You may support or be supported from anywhere using Ultraviewer. It isn’t constrained by space or time. All you’ll need is a PC with a reliable Internet connection and the UltraViewer programme already installed. This software will make your work easier, faster, and more convenient while also saving you time.

Features of Ultra Viewer

High security

The UltraViewer software is extremely secure due to its design and functioning, which includes an absolute encryption mode from the programmer. Best of all, this mode allows sharing audio and video signals easier than ever before.

UltraViewer will also give users with various data security assistance capabilities via a login form based on the computer’s ID with each connection. And this feature entirely aids the software in ensuring that computers only connect with each other in a limited way without being affected by other unusual signals.

Fast connection speed

The number of various IP addresses that can connect at the same time is not limited by this software. As a result, users can utilise the software in a variety of scenarios, and you can invite your friends and colleagues to engage with your screen remotely via conferences, lectures, or simply enjoying your happy time on the beach like I did… Because it’s “remote,” speed is crucial.

Quick chat support

You can use the fast chat box to communicate with someone on the opposite side of the screen while operating the software. If you have any issues to discuss, you can write text in the chat log for the most accurate assistance, allowing users to interact more readily in conferences, meetings, etc. with colleagues and friends.

Above all, if you work in customer service or as an IT professional, this feature is highly useful for taking care of customers and answering queries.

No high configuration is required, easy access

UltraViewer does not require a lot of information about the computer’s configuration and hardware specifications. Users can readily access it if their machine runs on the Windows operating system, and it can be used without any other issues.

User-friendly interface

If you are looking for user friendly, straightforward design suited for wide range of users,  Ultraviewer is the best solution. . You can use the programme to launch and activate the remote control on any other device that is ready to use right away.

Most importantly, IT’S FREE!

They have a pricing plan for you if the planned use is higher and the features are more sophisticated. However, for a casual user like myself, a free plan suffices. When compared to TeamViewer, TeamViewer is only free for basic capabilities, which limits the number of usage, and it costs a lot more than UltraViewer to use smoothly. If you’re looking for a TeamViewer alternative, UltraViewer is an excellent choice.

Ultraviewer – Security Information


All of our software is digitally signed by Sectigo as an added security measure. As a result, the software’s executable files (EXE / Binary / Installers) are always straightforward to recognise as having been provided by the correct maker. The digital signature will immediately become invalid if the software is modified later. Avoid situations where malicious code is inserted into software by hackers.


Based on the hacked machine, the amount of unsuccessful logins, and the IP address, UltraViewer employs an intelligent password detection algorithm. The following scenarios are planned:

When someone repeatedly logs in with the wrong password to your computer (or several computers), the system will block that person’s IP & ID for 15 minutes. If that person’s IP & ID is still blocked after 15 minutes, the system will terminate the session. If you continue to enter incorrectly, the blocking duration will be extended, such as 15, 30, or 60 minutes.

Botnet won’t be able to detect passwords with numerous IPs if you do the following: When numerous users log in with the wrong password to your computer in the last 24 hours, the system realize that system has been compromised and accordingly it will assign it to one of the safer areas as mentioned below

  • The number of times a user is permitted to type the erroneous password is significantly reduced.
  • Block for a longer period of time several times.
  • To avoid it, check that IP on the International Blacklist database / proxy / socks list.
  • Stop instantly by checking that IP / ID based on black history from many days or months back.
  • You have the option of displaying a captcha code.
  • When the random password is locked, a popup notice appears, requiring the partner to alter the random password in order to proceed.
  • And, to maintain the system’s security, several further privacy features aren’t made public.


When connecting to the server and a partner machine, UltraViewer uses a public/private RSA key pair and AES (256-bit) session encryption. According to current international standards, this technology is utilised in HTTPS / SSL online platforms and is regarded entirely safe.

The method assures that linked computers, including UltraViewer servers, cannot decipher the data stream because the private key is generated exclusively by the user. The encrypted signal flow between two machines is unreadable even by UltraViewer staff or computer network operators. Defend against man-in-the-middle attacks by hackers.


You can use the blacklist and whitelist features to operate as a firewall and prohibit specific IPs or IDs.

You can also prevent all computers from connecting to your computer, allowing only machines with certain IDs or IP addresses to connect.


UltraViewer has a journal that records the ID number, the computer name of the person linked to, and the moment it was connected, allowing you to quickly monitor and know if a stranger logs into your computer.


The Administrator’s permissions will be required for sensitive features (such as the hidden feature in Winlogon, the feature Running with Windows, the option to specify a separate password, etc.) to ensure that only the admin of new machines installed with crucial configurations.


There are two Ports that UltraViewer uses , they are as below

  • Port 443
  • Port 2112


Because UltraVIewer relies on a network of numerous servers to offer seamless connectivity, it’s difficult for UltraVIewer to publish a list of IP server ranges because IP addresses are added and updated on a frequent basis. To point to the IP, UltraViewer employs domain names like server1.ultraviewer.net, server2.ultraviewer.net, server1000.ultraviewer.net, and so on. You can add the *.ultraviewer.net domain to the firewall’s whitelist list.


Ultraviewer currently offers a free version as well as three premium versions with more advanced features: Lite, Professional, and Premium.

If you’re a single user with basic and limited requirements, the free version will suffice. If you use remote work software frequently, however, purchasing an Ultraviewer licence will provide extra benefits.


You will have unlimited remote control and access rights when you purchase an Ultraviewer licence. However, you will not have it if you use the free trial version. At times, such as when the system is overwhelmed, the number of computers that can be operated may be limited.


Customers who purchase an Ultraviewer licence will be given preference over those who do not. As a result, even during peak hours, they will keep the remote control moving at a quick and steady pace. However, with the Free version, you may get disconnected unexpectedly, interrupting your work.


You can only control and maintain one PC in the free version. So, what if you had a large number of consumers in need of assistance at the same time? If you’re using the free version, you might need to ask permission to disconnect this visitor before accessing another client’s computer. You can comfortably accommodate three, five, or even more consumers at the same time with the advanced Ultraviewer licence.


Ultraviewer permitted users to utilise the service for free in the early stages of its development, with the goal of connecting with as many people as possible. However, as the number of users grows fast over time, more cash will be required to keep the system running well.

Maintaining advertising on the Ultraviewer free trial edition is unavoidable in order to fund costs. Customers who purchase an Ultraviewer licence, in particular, will be able to use ad-free software, making computer control more convenient and comfortable.


Customers who need to access and operate on their computers require a function that allows them to turn on their laptops remotely. If you utilise the free trial version, you must hang up 24 hours a day, causing a lot of inconvenience and interfering with the computer’s normal performance.

If you have an Ultraviewer licence, you can turn on the remote work software in only a few minutes by making a few easy settings ahead of time.


You can preserve a list of computer IDs in the online contacts function so that you don’t have to remember IDs and passwords when you need a quick connection. This will save you time, and assistance will become easier and more convenient as a result.


You will be able to use the video recording feature when purchasing an Ultraviewer licence, which records the control session. Managers will be able to track how their employees assist clients, and operators will be able to record the screen for the purpose of educating and re-instructing others.


A supported version with your own logo will aid in the popularisation of the brand image and make a strong impact on buyers. This is said to be a simple, effective, and quick technique to promote a company’s communication strategy.


Customers who purchase an Ultraviewer licence have the ability to send large files directly from Ultraviewer. You don’t have to compress the file or deliver it over email or any other method. If the Free version can only send files up to 1GB, the licenced version can send files up to 2GB (Lite version), 4GB (Professional version), and 8GB (Enterprise version) (Premium version). This will undoubtedly provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime data sharing experience.


With the Ultraviewer licence, you’ll be able to remotely control your computer and provide better and clearer images to consumers. The display of text and image information has been improved, making the customer assistance experience more pleasant.


You can use this capability to transfer audio from one machine to another. You may want the controller to listen to some of the content on your computer, such as music, a lesson, a lecture recording, a meeting, and so on. Your connection and remote support will be more intuitive and real than ever before with an Ultraviewer licence.

Finally, there are numerous compelling reasons to register and get an Ultraviewer licence right now. You will have access to the most advanced, high-end features that best complement your work for the smallest and cheapest expenditure on the market today.

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