Possible Reasons Why Apple Devices Are So Addictive?

Possible Reasons Why Apple Devices Are So Addictive?

4 Things That Make Apple Products Addictive  

Today, Apple flexes to be the biggest company in the world. A loyal fanbase has played an influential role in the growth of Apple and making it a massive part of pop culture. A lot of Apple users are so loyal to the brand that it won’t be entirely wrong to say they are addicted to Apple products.   

In fact, some even believe that Apple is the one that brought the problem of phone addiction through its iPhone. When paired with a network like Spectrum mobile or WiFi, it’s hard to get off your iPhone. Especially, if you are an existing Apple customer. Though, even Android users are likely to get hooked.  

A Solidified Fan Base  

Apps, innovations, and features aside, one thing that supplements the growth of the company is its loyal fan base. For many people who have owned Apple devices, it is hard for them to adapt to some other brand. Both the software and the device design are responsible for building this loyalty. Not to mention the accessories like Apple Watch and AirPods further strengthen the bond between a fan and Apple. So, all of it is connected and adds to the love of people for the company.  

The same fan base acts as some of the biggest advocates of the brand thus getting more people into the Apple pool. Word of mouth, social media posts, and even memes pointed at Android users add to the natural promotion of Apple products. Even “tweeted from iPhone” under a tweet stands to serve the same purpose. All this introduces more people to the Apple-addicted fan base.   

Support From Pop Culture  

Pop culture is one of the biggest reasons behind the hype around Apple. If you observe closely, most celebrities own an iPhone, or at least the ones who usually take out their phones during shows and public appearances usually own one. If you have watched Steve Jobs’ viral video on marketing, you will know how good that concept is visible today.   

Steve Jobs at an event talked about Apple’s core values and what the brand stands for. He said the core value of the brand is to honor great people and build machines that such people would have used. It is partly the reason why individuals and celebrities like to join that community. And it works wonders in favor of the brand.   

Apart from the core values of the brand that make people feel good about using Apple products, the brand has a lot deeper connection with pop culture. For example, many people are willing to try music that ranks high on Apple Music. There are also events like the Apple Music Festival that bring some of the biggest names in the music industry and music lovers together. Also, “shot on iPhone” is another effective way of promoting how good these phones are. The results of the videos are superb in many cases.   

Design and Build Quality  

There are dozens of PC, laptops, smartwatches, and mobile brands out there. They all roll out tens of models and series every year. In all this noise, Apple only launches a few devices. For example, there are variants of the year’s iPhone models or maybe a phone from the SE range. The same applies to Macs, iPads, and Apple Watches. This practice helps in keeping Apple products more exclusive for the users.  

Since the company does not have to create tens of models, they can work on the design details and build quality. Usually, only the year’s flagship phone of other companies has the build quality that matches Apple’s. The company even focuses on the slightest of details. Even though the company often gets backlash on designs like taking out the signature button and headphone jack, Apple still manages to please most of its customers.   

When it comes to software, iOS is one of the best if not the best mobile operating systems. It is intuitive and easy to use. It is very well among the signature features of the iPhone and one of the main reasons for Apple addiction. Another good thing about the software is that the company does not leave many old models without updates. Instead, a lot of old models keep getting updates of the newest iOS versions.  

The Apple Environment  

Apple is one of the companies that creates a need and then fulfills it. For example, iTunes and App Store were the early rollouts by the company to cater to its iPods and iPhones. Then the removal of the headphone jack from the phones was deliberate to create a need for AirPods. Now with Apple HomeKit and Apple TV+, the company is expanding to new horizons.   

In short, there is so much to engage the users. The influence, the experience, and the exclusiveness, all add to Apple addiction over time.   

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