Methods to Black Text on 4Chan TV

Methods to Black Text on 4Chan TV

4chan tv – In online discussions about movies, video games, and books, it is customary to refrain from revealing significant plot details. Such plot details are referred to as spoilers, as they can spoil the element of surprise for those who haven’t seen, played, or read the material yet. On 4Chan message boards, spoiler tags can be utilized to conceal plot points. These tags generate a black backdrop behind specific words and phrases, making them unreadable unless you hover your cursor over them or highlight them due to the combination of black background and black text.

About 4chan tv

4chan is an anonymous online imageboard forum that was founded in 2003 by Christopher Poole, also known as “moot”. The site allows users to post images and discuss various topics, divided into different categories called “boards”. 

The website has a unique culture and often features controversial, politically incorrect, or offensive content, and users are not required to register an account to participate.

The site has been associated with several internet subcultures, including meme culture, hacktivism, and internet trolling. Due to its anonymity, 4chan has also been linked to several illegal activities, such as cyberbullying, hacking, and sharing of explicit material.

Overall, 4chan has been the subject of controversy and media attention throughout its history, and it remains a popular and influential platform on the internet.

Steps Follow to Black Text on 4chan tv

Let’s discuss briefly.

Step 1

To begin, open your web browser and go to the 4Chan site. 

Step 2

Then, choose a board from the list of options provided. 

Step 3

Afterward, select the “Reply” link located next to the initial comment or image in a post. 

Step 4

Then, input your name, email, and subject details into the designated text fields.

Step 5

To open the spoiler tag, write “[spoiler]” in the comments section.

Step 6

Then, type the desired text to be hidden in black font on a black background.

Step 7

To close the spoiler tag, type “[/spoiler]”

Step 8

And finally, submit your post by clicking on the “Submit” button.


To sum up, knowing how to black text on 4chan can be a useful skill for users who want to create spoilers or hidden messages in their posts. By following the simple steps of typing “[spoiler]” to open the spoiler tag, writing the desired text in black font on a black background, typing “[/spoiler]” to close the tag, and clicking “Submit” to submit the post, users can effectively hide their text from other users until they choose to reveal it. While 4chan is often associated with controversial content, it remains a popular platform for anonymous online discussion, and understanding how to use its features can enhance the user experience.


Q 1. When did 4chan shut down?

A: In 2019, due to its association with criminal activity, the platform was closed down and replaced by 8kun, which has a similar aim of minimal moderation. 8kun, which is also known as infinitechan, permits users to establish their own boards centered around any subject matter.

Q 2. How can I access 4chan?

A: To access 4chan, go to its homepage where you’ll discover a concise summary of the website and a comprehensive directory of boards. Unlike other websites, 4chan doesn’t require a registration process with usernames and passwords for browsing. However, it’s advisable to go through the rules and FAQ before starting.

Q 3. Why is 4chan called that?

A: Poole was a follower of two Japanese image-based message boards, Futaba Channel and 2channel, when he decided to create his own imageboard. Drawing inspiration from Futaba Channel, he established his own imageboard, but found that the domain name 3chan was already taken. As a result, he opted to name his site 4chan.

Q 4. Does 4chan make money?

A: According to Moot’s statement to the New York Times, 4chan is not a highly profitable website, as it only manages to exceed its operating costs by a small margin without generating any substantial revenue. This is due to the fact that 4chan is perceived as the undesirable and unpleasant side of the Internet.

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