“Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector” on Your iPhone [Fixed]

“Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector” on Your iPhone [Fixed]

When your iPhone displays the “Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector” pop-up, it can be a cause for concern. This warning message might indicate that water damage has occurred, which could affect the device’s performance and even void its warranty. Thankfully, there are some methods you can do to resolve this problem. This article will discuss troubleshooting and repairing your iPhone if the liquid is detected in its Lightning connector.

“Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector”

“Liquid detected in Lightning connector” is a warning message that appears on Apple devices when the device has detected moisture in the Lightning port, which is the port used for charging and data transfer. This message can indicate that the device has been exposed to water or other liquids, which can cause damage to the device and affect its performance. To avoid further damage, you should stop using the device as soon as you read this notice and seek professional repair services.

How to Fix “Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector”?

You can try the following procedures to resolve the “liquid detected in Lightning connector” error:

  1. Dry out the Lightning port: Remove the device’s case and place it in a dry, well-ventilated area. Use a cotton swab to gently wipe the Lightning port and wring out any apparent moisture.
  2. Wait for the device to dry completely: Leave the device to dry completely for at least 24 hours. Do not try to charge or turn on the device during this time.
  3. Check for corrosion: After the device is completely dry, inspect the Lightning port for signs of corrosion. If you see any discoloration or signs of corrosion, it’s best to seek professional repair services.
  4. Try to restart the device: Once the device is dry and the Lightning port is free of moisture and corrosion, try restarting the device.
  5. Check for functionality: If the device normally starts, test its functionality to ensure it’s working properly. If you encounter any issues, seek professional repair services.

Note: Keep in mind that the warranty does not cover liquid damage, so if the equipment has been harmed by liquid, you might have to pay for repair or replacement services.

Use a Wireless Charger

A wireless charger is not an immediate solution to fix the “liquid detected in Lightning connector” error. However, if the error is caused by moisture or other liquid in the Lightning port, using a wireless charger may allow you to charge your device without using the affected port. This can help prevent further damage to the device and its components.

Keep in mind that if the issue is related to moisture or liquid damage, you may still need to have the device inspected and repaired by a professional. Wireless charging is only a temporary solution and should be considered a short-term fix for the problem.

What Things to Avoid if a Liquid Is Observed in a Lighting Connector?

Here are some things to avoid:

  1. Don’t charge the device: Avoid using the Lightning port until the issue has been resolved.
  2. Don’t use the device: Avoid using the device until the issue has been resolved. This can help prevent further damage to the device and its components.
  3. Don’t attempt to clean the device yourself: Avoid cleaning the device or its components with liquids, solvents, or other chemicals. The device may sustain additional harm as a result.
  4. Avoid using a hair dryer or any other heating device: Avoid using a hair dryer or other heating device to dry the device. This can cause heat damage to the device and its components.
  5. Don’t shake or tilt the device: Avoid shaking or tilting the device, as this can spread the liquid inside and cause further damage.

Avoiding these actions can help prevent further damage to your device and increase the chances of a successful repair. If you have received the “liquid detected in Lightning connector” error, it’s recommended to seek professional repair services as soon as possible.

Connect to Apple Customer Support

If you have received the “liquid detected in Lightning connector” error on your Apple device, you can contact Apple’s customer service for assistance. They can provide information on the next steps to take and help you schedule a repair appointment if necessary.

Here are some ways to contact Apple’s customer service:

  1. Online: Visit the Apple Support website and find the “Contact Us” option. Information about how to get in touch with Apple customer support is available here.
  2. Phone: Call Apple’s customer service at 1-800-MY-APPLE (1-800-692-7753) for assistance.
  3. In-Store: Visit an Apple retail store for in-person support.

It’s important to remember that Apple’s warranty does not cover liquid damage, so if your device has been damaged by liquid, you may need to pay for repair or replacement services.


In conclusion, repairing an iPhone with a liquid detected in the lightning connector is difficult. You can successfully repair your iPhone by following the above steps and taking your time. After taking these actions, it is important to seek professional assistance if the problem still exists. Also, it is crucial to remember that professionals should only do any electricity repair to ensure safety and accuracy. Additionally, always backup your device before attempting any repairs or modifications.

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Q 1. Why is the Lightning connector’s liquid continually getting detected on my phone?

A: A lightning accessory connects to the charging port, such as an Apple lightning charger or lightning earbuds. The charging port or a lightning accessory is frequently moist when you receive the message “Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector.”

Q 2. Why does the phone constantly indicate there is liquid even if there isn’t?

A: Even though an iOS 14 problem is most likely to blame for the liquid detection popup, you should still look for any water damage in your iPhone’s charging connector. The Emergency Override and dismiss buttons are included in the popup. Possibly without your knowledge, liquid got into your device accidentally.

Q 3. How can moisture found in a charging port be forced to stop?

A: Unplug your smartphone from the charger before shaking it lightly (5–10 times) or wiping it with a dry cloth to remove any extra moisture.

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