How to Change Airdrop Name on iPhone, Mac & iPad.

How to Change Airdrop Name on iPhone, Mac & iPad.

If you want to be easily identified when using AirDrop on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, it is important to personalize your name. Changing your AirDrop name is an easy process and can help simplify the task of sharing files between devices. This article will explain how to change airdrop name on any Apple device. It also provides helpful tips for displaying the new name correctly.


A highly useful and secure function called AirDrop allows for the immediate transfer of data and files across Apple devices. It is simple to set up, quick to use, and, perhaps most significantly, and it doesn’t reduce the level of any sent media.

The default name of your device, which also serves as your AirDrop name, is either iPhone or iPad. Every time someone desires to send files to the device, they must select it from a list of available nearby devices by tapping on the AirDrop name. This can be a problem, especially if nearby Apple device users compete for attention with their default AirDrop names.

Therefore, it’s crucial to have an obvious name before using AirDrop. It will be simple to identify you from the countless other Apple IDs available if you have a specific name, which can help prevent transferring files to someone you didn’t plan.

What Is Required?

You must rename your Apple device to modify your AirDrop name. To begin with, make sure that the Ios device is AirDrop compatible. AirDrop is supported on Macs and MacBooks that were produced in 2012 or later and that run at least OS X Yosemite. It is also available on your iPads and iPhones’ latest version (must be iOS 7 or higher).

Additionally, ensure the software is updated, and you are using it. Compatibility problems can sometimes be relied on by new operating system versions.

Open the settings app from your home screen, then choose General and after that, a software update to check for updates. Click on download to get the newest operating system; if it’s available, install it.

How to Change Airdrop Name on Your iPhone?

Follow these instructions on how to change Airdrop name on your iphone.

  1. On an iPhone, modifying the AirDrop name is easy. Choose the Settings app from the home screen, then hit General > About. You can find your device’s name just at the top of your screen. Touch it.
  1. You can enter whatever name you want after deleting the previous one. To rename your device, tap Done after that.
  1. You may now return and shut down the Settings app after changing your device name, which also affects your AirDrop name.

How to Change Airdrop Name on Your iPad?

Follow these instructions on how to change Airdrop name on your ipad.

  1. On an iPad, navigate to the Settings app and select General from the left to modify your AirDrop name. You can find your iPad name by tapping About in the right panel. Just click it.
  2. Delete your default name and replace it with the one you choose. Your iPad’s name is changed after you tap Done. Return and close your settings application.

How to Change Airdrop Name on Your Mac?

Follow these instructions on how to change Airdrop name on your Mac.

  1. Setting or changing the AirDrop name on a Mac is quick and simple on an iPhone or iPad. System Preference can be found by selecting the Apple logo in the upper-left corner of the screen.
  2. Click Sharing under System Settings. Your computer name is displayed here. Put your new name in and delete the old one. The AirDrop name will be modified after pressing the back button.

What to Do if the New Airdrop Name Isn’t Showing Up on Your Device?

In some cases, you can discover that the newly modified name needs to be added even after doing all the necessary actions. If so, try the procedure one more time to be sure you followed it correctly.

Check if the device operates the most recent AirDrop software and if the name has stayed the same. Head over to settings, then general and after that, go to software update to perform this. After you’ve updated the software, try the same procedure again but with an entirely different name for the device to see what happens.

Turn the device off and back on to the right after updating the name if the name continues to be updated. Restarting your phone should update the new AirDrop name.

Now, other Apple users will notice the new AirDrop name you’ve generated when they attempt to send something more to your iPhone. By selecting Add Photo, you can even upload a profile photo that will appear next to your AirDrop name.


In conclusion, this article covered a complete guide to how to change airdrop name on an apple device.Changing your Airdrop name may be easy or challenging, depending on your device. However, with these few simple steps, you can easily customize your Airdrop name to whatever you want. For Mac users, you can use Terminal for more advanced customizations. For iOS users, simply visit the Settings app and follow the instructions. Lastly, if you are an Android user, ensure that Bluetooth and Location services are enabled to access these settings.


Q 1. How can you use your AirDrop?

A: AirDrop can only be used to transfer data between Apple and iOS devices. Since AirDrop is an Apple product, it does not support Android. You can use Bluetooth or a file-sharing app to transfer the data to and from Android devices.

Q 2. Is AirDrop only bluetooth?

A: To securely send information, AirDrop employs an intriguing concoction of technologies. It locates devices you can send to via Bluetooth. The device that sends from establishes a safe mentoring Wi-Fi internet connectivity with the receiver to transfer the file (s).

Q 3. Can I use AirDrop without Wi-Fi?

A: Because AirDrop uses Bluetooth to establish the connection, it only functions with devices within the same range of around 10 metres or 30 feet. As a result, Bluetooth can be used with Airdrop without the need for Wi-Fi.

Q 4. How is it safe to use AirDrop?

A: Users of iPhones who have AirDrop enabled run the risk of unintentionally disclosing certain personal data to others. Researchers from the University of Darmstadt disclosed their finding of a security flaw in Apple’s AirDrop in a report published last week.

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